What is Creative Mindfulness and why is it the next big thing

” The Refuge to the body is the mind, the Refuge to the mind is mindfulness.” – Buddha 

Mindfulness is the ancient practice of noticing without judgement. Through mindfulness, we develop an awareness of the breath, body, thoughts and emotions, making them our focus. By combining this steady, gentle, embodied awareness with naturally mindful creating, we practice creative mindfulness. 

Creative Mindfulness – what is it?

Do you ever notice how, when you are painting or deeply engrossed in doing something, time just flies by?

All of us have had an experience at some point in our lives, being so immersed in creating a work of art that we lost all track of time. This is creative mindfulness in a nutshell. 

Why is Creative Mindfulness for you?

  • Creative activities help us with better focus, concentration and flow, the same benefits that we experience from meditating. Therefore, drawing, painting, coloring, art journaling and writing are naturally mindful.
  • If one does not find it easy to meditate or calm the mind, then creative mindfulness can enable us to enhance our capacity for concentration, inner peace and calm.
  • Adding mindfulness to our routine creativity helps us to be present in the moment rather than focusing on the end results, which makes us draw, color, write or journal more freely and happily. This way you are not only more grateful for the process but also enjoy the outcome more.
  • When we practice mindfulness while we are actually in the process of creating something, we are slowly able to break free from our pattern of negative thinking, criticism and doubt that often leaves us feeling creatively blocked and saturated.
  • By carrying this curious, lively and gentle attitude towards what we create, we change how we relate to ourselves and to the very world around us.

Why is Creative Mindfulness the next big thing?

  • Deadlines, commitments, pressure to perform.. today’s hectic lives leave us looped into a cycle of frustration, anxiety and stress, without a way out. Creative mindfulness offers that way.
  • Today, mindfulness has gained widespread interest especially because states of distraction, anxiety, suffering, and lack of connection are so common and harmful.
  • As society veers toward more chaotic and distracted modes, it offers an antidote for learners and workers alike who face difficulty from stress and distraction.
  • Creative mindfulness comes with a range of interconnected benefits such as increased optimism, improved sleep, and thereby, better focus and concentration as well as reduced stress and anxiety.
  • Creative mindfulness is for everyone! From a beginner to a professional. In fact there is no beginner or professional here! It is the simplest of tricks everyone has at their disposal. And the easiest of life hacks!
  • Creative mindfulness need not be learned! It is within us! The version of you that is waiting to be uncovered. All it takes if anything, is to unlearn! Unlearn our conditioning and look within ourselves to unlock our true, highest potential!