About Us

We are India’s first creative wellness and self care brand. We believe that the practice of naturally mindful activities such as journaling and art is the secret to good mental health.

We create thoughtfully designed products and tools, full of ideas and inspiration to help you slow down, unplug and use creative expression as a way to live a more mindful, creative and fulfilling life.

The Founder’s Story

Hi I am Rupambika! After spending more than a decade in the design industry and loving it but always feeling like something is missing I went into introspective mode during the lockdown. I spent a lot of time engaging in self-discovery journaling, painting, crafting and ideating. Art and journaling have always been therapeutic outlets for me and I  realized I was happiest and most relaxed when I was engaged in a creative activity. It was a truly simple way to unwind and get into a flow state. And that’s when the idea of Twillo was born.

The Twillo Philosophy

When we engage in creative activities such as writing, drawing or painting as kids, we do not judge ourselves. We let the natural creativity flow. We do not feel the need to be perfect. And when we create we experience pure joy.

We wanted to create an experience that went beyond just beautiful paper products and helped inspire and guide people to let go of inhibitions, unlearn everything that restricts their flow and simply enjoy the art of creative expression. It could be a simple note for the day in a mini journal, an art therapy exercise or a quick idea doodle, a colouring of a mandala or a painting in a sketchbook. When we disconnect with the external world full of sensory overload and reconnect with ourselves through small moments of creative expression – we experience  fulfilment, mindfulness and happiness.