Our Story

Hello! I see you are the curious kind. It is awesome to see you here. I am Rupambika.

After spending more than a decade in the design industry and loving it but always feeling like something is missing, last year I went into introspective mode. I wanted to figure out what is truly important for me and what brings me peace and happiness. I spent a lot of time engaging in self discovery journaling, painting, crafting and ideating. I realized I was happiest and most relaxed when I was engaged in a creative activity. It was a truly simple way to unwind and get in a zone of calming mindfulness. It reminded me of simpler times when we were kids and creative expression came so naturally to us. And that’s when the idea of Twillo was born.

We wanted to create an experience that went beyond just beautiful paper products and helped inspire and guide people to let go of inhibitions, unlearn everything that restricts their flow and simply just create. With a delightful aesthetic of meditative and whimsy, our products are meant to inspire everyone to feel, give in, let go, explore, experiment and play.

We have made our products with a lot of thought and love and we hope they bring you many moments of mindfulness and joy.