Mindfulness with Mandalas Colouring Book

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Mandala colouring is a proven way to reduce stress and relax the mind. But not everyone has the time or knows where to start. This portable book is perfect for short mindfulness colouring sessions in between work breaks, during meetings or as therapy sessions on quiet days.

Perforated for your convenience, these sheets can be easily pulled out to create new art. You can paste in journals, greeting cards, gift tags, laptops and phones or create magnets - the possibilities are endless! 

Our Mandala book also has a brand new feature! You can design your own Mandalas. We have added guided frameworks with room to experiment with your own patterns and practice creating your very own designs. 

Amplify these mandalas  with your own words, quotes, designs and give them your own original twist. Let your creative juices flow!

Made of premium thick natural shade paper that will not bleed through, this book invites you to experiment with felt-tips, coloured pencils, crayons, gel pens, markers or watercolours.

Product Features

  • Size : 7.5 x 7 inches
  • Compact enough to be carried around in your bag
  • Mandala frameworks to create your own designs
  • Printed only on one side and perforated so that you can tear off and use anywhere
  • Printed on premium white thick 120 gsm paper which will not bleed through
  • 60 designs
  • Ample space to add your own designs and words

Benefits of Mandala Colouring

Stress ReductionColoring mandalas can help reduce stress by promoting a meditative state. Focusing on the patterns and repetitive shapes can divert attention away from daily worries and concerns. Engaging in this calming activity encourages mindfulness, allowing individuals to be present in the moment and find relief from stress.

Mindfulness and RelaxationMandala coloring is a form of mindfulness, which involves paying attention to the present moment without judgment. The rhythmic and repetitive nature of coloring promotes relaxation and helps individuals to become more aware of their thoughts and feelings. This meditative aspect can contribute to an overall sense of calm.

Enhanced ConcentrationColoring mandala patterns requires concentration and attention to detail. Engaging in such an activity can improve focus and concentration, providing a break from the constant stream of thoughts that may contribute to mental fatigue. This heightened concentration can be a welcome distraction for individuals dealing with anxiety or racing thoughts.

Creative ExpressionColoring mandalas allows for creative expression without the pressure of creating something perfect or following specific rules. It offers a non-judgmental space for individuals to experiment with colors, patterns, and shapes. The act of coloring can be a form of self-expression and creativity, providing an outlet for emotions and thoughts.

Sense of AccomplishmentCompleting a mandala coloring page provides a tangible and achievable goal. This sense of accomplishment can boost self-esteem and confidence. The structured nature of coloring within the lines and completing a design can be particularly rewarding for individuals who may be dealing with challenges or seeking a positive activity to engage in.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
shivani arora


Namratha Nagara Sridhara

Quality of paper is really good. Really love it!

Happy book

Ordered this during my pregnancy. Had a great time filling the colours. Good quality.

Calming, Meditative and Refreshing

Perfect way to unwind or begin your day with. Allows your mind to relax, unburden itself and think about nothing and everything!

Shakthi Priya
Mindfulness with mandala

Really a wonderful book. Helped me cope with not only anxiety but also all mood swings. The paper quality is mind blowing👍 It has also helped me reduce my screen time and scrolling through.... A must buy product if you wish to start on your productivity journey✨

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