8 People you should write notecards to

Random Strangers

On the bus, in a restaurant, in the park, in the hallways, you can leave anonymous notecards with positive affirmations or good wishes for someone to stumble upon.  It is such a simple pleasure to chance upon a random notecard with an optimistic message on it. Give someone the sign they may be looking for. Make someone’s day.

Grandma + Grandpa

No matter how old you get, you will always be a tiny bundle of joy for them. And no matter how far you live, you know nothing beats that nostalgia of going back to home cooked meals and heavy-duty pampering. An unexpected notecard saying you love them would probably be the highlight of their day! 

Mom + Dad

Yes, it sounds silly. You talk to them all the time. You probably even live with them.

But a surprise little note is a definite heart warmer and spontaneous smile inducer. Why wait for Mother’s Day or Father’s Day? A random day is a great day to show them another way to feel loved.

Brother or Sister

You probably just fought over the remote. Yet again. They can be annoying, ridiculous tattletales or they can be your confidante, defender and best friend. Sometimes all of these in the same week. Tell them how much they mean to you. They may never admit it

but they will secretly adore your gesture.

Your best friend

Your first crush, your actual favourite movie, what you really want to do or not do in life – they know you better than anybody else. Just reminding them of how important they are to you will not only make them feel awesome but will also remind you of how lucky you are to have them in your life. 

Your favourite teacher

We all have one. The one who made everything seem more interesting. The who was kind, patient and encouraging. The one who understood your goals and dreams no matter how silly or far-fetched. Write a note to your favourite teacher to let them know how grateful you are to them for being who they were to you.  

Most loved Author

Nothing beats that excitement, drama and adventure of being immersed in an “unputdownable” book. Even without realising it, our personalities are often shaped and influenced by the books we read growing up. Write a note to your favourite author letting them know how much you love their books and why. You may discover something amazing about yourself in the process. And imagine the excitement if you actually get a note back!

Favourite Musician

Bored? Sad? Upset? Angry? Homework? Chores?

No matter what the mood or situation, your playlist never fails you. Whether hanging out with friends or chilling alone, your favourite music is a constant companion. Send a thank you note to your favourite musician for all the nostalgia, memories and moments of pure bliss.