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How many times do you travel in a bus/train/car, and you are right there, just travelling? We don’t do that, do we? Our mind is always wandering, even to places we don’t want it to go to. So, what do you do to make your mind stay in the present, or in other words, to achieve mindfulness? You take help of creativity!

Now if you think that creativity is restricted to artists doing painting, sculpting, or poetry, you might be wrong. Have a look at these five things that anyone can do, anyone can get lost in, and find their hidden creativity, thus unlocking mindfulness.

1. Try black poetry: Just color some random words black

Yes, just color them! Poetry doesn’t always have to be about writing one word after the other, or expressing your feelings. For black poetry, all you have to do is:

  • Grab a book/magazine/newspaper
  • Get a black pen or sketch pen
  • Randomly start striking out sentences leaving some words visible
  • What you have in the end is a poetry that probably just makes sense to you
  • A variation: Use colors, draw shapes, flowers, doodles, whatever you like on that page!

Experimenting with a new form of creative expression will encourage you to think outside the box and naturally engage your mind.

2. Pour and splash paints

Brushes and canvas are old school! And just imagine the time and dedication required to paint a landscape or a portrait! Instead, let’s use a cheat code here *wink* *wink*.

Pick up your paints, mix them with water, and pour them however you like on a (thick) sheet of paper. You’ll be surprised at the pattern you make. In fact, you can even write a quote on it to give some final touches. 

Not having to worry about perfection or a specific outcome can be very liberating and let you imbibe and enjoy the process itself 

3. Make a collage

You don’t need to print photos and paste them in perfect formations. Just grab an old magazine, cut out whatever images you like, and then paste them randomly on a page. Fill the remaining space by drawing lines and patterns. And you are done!

Spontaneous acts of creativity can help uninhibit the mind and make the whole journey mindful and enjoyable.

4. Scribble absent-mindedly 

Just take a notebook and a pen. Scribble anything and everything that comes to your mind. It could be how you don’t like your neighbours making noise, or how much you miss your friends, or how you are super sleepy, or all of these in one sentence. Literally anything. It doesn’t have to make sense to you either!

You know the best part? Sometimes, the best ideas come from these scribbles!

Letting your mind wander is a great way to let it breathe and destress

5. Decorate a container / bottle/ or anything old

We have so many things in our houses that we don’t use any longer simply because they are old. Why not grab some supplies like ribbons, paints, buttons, paper, strings etc. and give them all a makeover?

The fun of exploration and discovery and the thrill of creating something new from old knick knacks can be a very rewarding experience.

Imagine being surrounded with nothing but colors, words, and craft supplies. Never leaving that world, right? Indulging in all these activities helps you stay in this world! It lets you focus only on what you are doing, your mind is too busy being creative to stress about anything else and everything around diminishes. And there you have it- your peace! 

Being naturally mindful, creative activities are the easiest thing to turn to when you need to unwind and relax. They can be incredibly rewarding leading to a lasting sense of happiness and satisfaction.

What now? Go! Grab your supplies and create!

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