Twillo Story

We are Twillo and we believe

You have Superpowers!

Hello! I see you are the curious kind. It is awesome to see you here.
Everyone calls me Rupa 🙂 Anyway this story is not about me. It is about you. More specifically, the you that you used to be as a kid.

Remember making sail boats from paper and looking for puddles of water to “test” them out? Or writing stories about mermaids and monsters? My favourite childhood pastime was painting. I used to love painting sceneries. You know the ones with the smiling sun peeking from behind the quintessential two mountains? My mom loved them!

Let me ask you something. Do you miss that? That childlike wonder of things so simple yet so enjoyable. When superpowers and magic spells were almost real? That simple joy of being able to paint, write or craft whatever you felt like without a care in the world for deadlines, judgment or performance.

One day it just came to me. Why does it have to stop? And Twillo was born. We at Twillo are firm believers in the superpowers of creative expression. And we are here to ask you to join us in being kids again! Let’s reclaim those magical creative expressions that came so easily to us as kids and unlock the creativity and sense of adventure that has got lost in all this adulting.

So next time you are mindlessly scrolling through your phone, why not try a creative activity instead? Trust me, that simple satisfaction of actually making the effort to create something with your own hands be it painting, writing a letter or crafting an origami creature, is unmatchable.

You wanna hear something cool? Creative expression is one of the simplest and easiest ways to achieve mindfulness. It can be anything from journaling, writing, doodling, painting to craft making. Getting lost in the process of creation can actually activate a meditative state and help you relax and let go of stress. Need I say more?

Let the creative adventures begin!