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10 Wacky ways to use the Paperbox

With 200 sheets of varying colours and textures, the Paperbox is an adventure waiting to happen!

Here are 10 bonus wacky ways to make use of the Paperbox, not already mentioned in the Ideamap (A book of 50 Ideas included in the Paperbox)

1. Create a Junk Journal

A Junk Journal is a handmade book of new as well as recycled and rediscovered materials and embellishments. The pages can be used to write, draw, paint or record memories, thoughts, ideas, and inspiration.

You can keep it for yourself to be used as a diary, planner, scrapbook, project tracker, mood journal, art journal or you can gift it to someone special.

The best part is that every journal will be absolutely unique. You can maintain a theme such as a particular colour palette or aesthetic such as nature or floral-inspired or go completely eclectic.

You can add fold out flaps, tabs, pockets, windowed pages – all you need is imagination!

2. Open when letters

Simply put open when letters are letters meant to be opened only when the time comes and are supposed to help or make the reader feel better. Each letter comes with an instruction to open and read in different situations. The designs and styles are completely up to you. You can create a box of open when letters for your future self, for a friend or even a family member.  You can be as wacky and creative as you like! You can set goals for yourself or write sweet encouragements for a loved one. It can be a very intimate and revealing experience. 

Here are some ideas to get you started. 

  1. Open on your birthday
  2. Open when you are about to give up
  3. Open when you miss home
  4. Open when you are feeling like a failure
  5. Open when you are celebrating a win
  6. Open when you are bored
  7. Open when you doubt yourself
  8. Open on (a specific date in future)
  9. Open when you are feeling lost
  10. Open when you can’t seem to decide on something.

3. Pictionary in a Jar

Create your very own Pictionary in a jar game and surprise your friends with this handmade, fun filled gift. All you need is a mason jar, narrow strips of paper and a pen. Write words, proverbs, quotes, song names or movie titles on the strips of paper. Fold them up and toss them into the jar. Cover with a lid and tie some pretty ribbons around the neck. You can even add a notecard. Include a paper stack of A6 sized sheets to draw on. You can add some colourful pencils to complete the ensemble.

To play, all they have to do it is pick a word from the mason jar and start drawing on a piece of paper from the A5 paper stack while everybody else starts guessing the word or phrase.

This works as a great party game as well. To make it more fun for a bigger group, you can write names or descriptions of the people instead of words and have everyone guess who the person is. 

4. Let’s Tangram

Tangram is a Chinese geometrical puzzle that is basically a square cut into seven pieces which can be arranged in various ways to make different shapes such as boat, house or even a unicorn. All you have to do it arrange the shapes creatively. 

  • To make this simple but interesting game, you need to start with a square piece of paper. (To make a square Hold the top right corner of the paper and fold it towards the lower left side. Bring it down until the paper forms into a right-angled triangle. Cut the small rectangular strip left at the bottom)
  • Next cut along the diagonal line in the square to get two triangles.
  • Fold each triangle in half. Unfold each. Tear one triangle along the fold to make the first two tangram pieces. Set them aside.
  • Take the large triangle and fold its square corner (right angle) to the middle of the opposite side. Cut along the new fold to make the third piece. Set this triangle aside.
  • Now Hold the remaining base of the triangle (trapezoid) with the longest side toward you. Notice the fold line down the middle. Fold the lower left corner (acute angle) to the middle of the bottom side. Unfold it. Cut along the two-fold lines to make the fourth and fifth pieces (triangle and square).
  • Hold the remaining (trapezoid) with the longest side toward you and right angles to the left. Fold the top right corner to the opposite corner so that the top side now coincides with the left side. Unfold it. Cut along the fold to make the sixth and seventh pieces.
  • Now that you have all 7 pieces, you can try rearranging them to create shapes other than a square such as bird, fox, horse etc. 

5. Flip a book

Just pick a few sheets in colours of your choice, fold and cut them in half and bind together to create a book. Draw your story, adding a little more progressive detail on each page. Finally, just start flipping pages rapidly with your thumb and watch your story come to life!

6. Wall of fame

Get your friends to write what they like best about you or words of advice they have for you on different pieces of paper and stick them up on a wall in your room to create a beautiful scrapbook wall! You can experiment with colours and shapes and keep adding to it till your entire wall is covered with happy words.

7. Make a Popping paper spring

All you need are 2 strips of different coloured paper (roughly 2cm x 20cm) and some tape. Begin by overlapping the ends of the coloured paper at a right angle and tape into position. Snuggly fold the bottom strip of paper over the top one. Next, snuggly fold the now lower strip of paper over the paper which is now on top. Continue this pattern of always folding the lower strip of paper over the top strip. Use a small piece of tape to secure both ends together. Your beautiful paper spring is ready! 

8. Create a Birthday Puzzle

Instead of a birthday card why not try a birthday puzzle? Glue two or three sheet of paper together to make a thicker board. Decorate the card with patterns or illustrations. Be as creative as possible. Write a cute birthday message. Once done, draw a jigsaw shaped map over the card and cut into jigsaw shaped puzzle pieces. Make sure the pieces are easily connected when put together.  Put all the pieces into an envelope. It will be much more fun and interesting way to “open and read” your birthday message. 

9. A new phone cover every day!

Did you know you could have a new phone cover every day? All you need is a transparent phone case and some imagination! Just trace your phone outline on a piece of paper with a pencil and cut with scissors. Make sure you cut out the area around the camera lens neatly and accurately. Draw, paint, stick, embellish the paper as you want. Once done, pop the paper facing out into the phone case and insert your phone back in. And voila! You have a brand new, personalised phone cover which you can change anytime. Just grab some more paper.

10. Confetti Explosion

What do you do with all those remaining scraps of paper from all your various paper projects? Just get a hole puncher and go crazy. Collect all the tiny colourful dots of paper and have a confetti party! Make confetti balloons for your next celebration, sprinkle it in gift bags and gift boxes and even inside envelopes for a fun surprise!

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